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With more than 1000 years of history, Poland will be a wonderful and unforgettable place to visit! A tour is not only looking at buildings and monuments but more importantly embracing the nation that creates an interesting and exciting atmosphere. Visiting Poland will allow you to better know our spirit and culture that was created over centuries.  People who come here say they feel at home. The descendants of Polish emigrants who decide to visit the country of their ancestors never regret spending a few hours on the plane and visiting old country.

Before visiting Poland please contact us in advance. We can reserve for you hotels and a car and also provide interpreting services during your stay. We also need to know if you need a driver or can drive by yourself. During your stay in Poland we provide 24 hour service unless something else is requested.

To facilitate arrival to Poland for our clients our team offers help with finding the best air connections to Rzeszow and Krakow – the cities located in Southern Poland .

Both cities offer flights to destinations in Europe and in North America. We can provide you with best air connections to both cities. A member of our staff will also meet you at the airport and will take care of all the arrangements that are necessary to make your trip safe and pleasurable.

Presently we provide touring services only in southern Poland. If the place of your ancestors was in another place in Poland we can also provide contact details for local interpreters/guides.

The cost is:

1 to 3 days: $ 180.00 / Day
3 to 7 days: $ 170.00/ Day
More than 7 days: $ $ 150.00 / Day

To hire an  interpreter for less than one day would cost 29 USD per hour.