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The Services we provide are:

  • Genealogy research in southern Poland in State and Catholic Archives. It is also possible to verify the other records like court or military documents and visit Civil Registration Offices. Genealogy researches are also possible in the other parts of Poland and in some places in Ukraine like Lviv and Tarnopol. The details and costs would be assessed individually.
  • Finding family: There are many ways of finding living relatives.
    1. a) If we know the location where they lived we can check in the telephone books. Many people now have only cellular phones especially in the country so here a big help are old telephone books – before the cellular phone era.
    2. b) Checking the surname on – called Polish Facebook is the biggest source about people in Poland on the internet.
    3. c) If those two ways fail we can publish an ad in local newspaper or ask the local priest to make an announcement in the parish.
    4. d) The biggest sources of information are always local people so a visit in the village or town can result in finding a lot of valuable information.
  • Finding graves of family members in cemeteries. A lot of information about people are in local cemeteries. More and more cemeteries have electronic directories that are published to internet web pages with all people buried there. If the data is not on the internet sometimes it is enough to call the local administration of a cemetery and the office will check in their database for the surname. If the database does not exist we can also visit the cemetery and check the surname.
  • Translations of all types of documents.
  • Guiding/interpreting services. The genealogy research is often followed by a visit in Poland. Such a visit is much easier with the researcher/guide who can interpret. Many people, especially from older generations in Poland, do not speak English so the company of a English speaking guide is very important in search of family and traces of ancestors.