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Before commencing any research assignment we would first need to know the place where your ancestors lived and their religion. What is also necessary is the approximate date of birth of the ancestors and what you need to find. We need to know if you want to find only direct ancestors or also their siblings. Many archives require a letter of authorization and the example of it will be provided.

You will receive a report after every day of research with all information like:

  • The years that were researched
  • The time it took

The photos and explanation of some words will be sent as well.
Some Catholic archives allow photos of direct ancestors only and siblings can be transcribed by hand.
Every client can also set the limit of hours, setting the limit does not mean that the research will take exactly as much as is the limit. We do not need a down payment unless there is a costly document requested from the archive like for example a scan of a cadastral map. Every client will receive a receipt for the payment they made.

If it is needed we can also translate the records into English. Our services include finding relatives in Poland. The fee for visiting a village is 180 USD per day. If the town is really far away from Przemysl, then the cost will be assessed for the particular trip.

In the archives we can research all types of records that the client deems valuable. The most popular items for research are metrical records, cadastral maps (you can check where exactly your ancestors lived and what land and house they possessed), Notary records and land records. Notary records are very often accompanied by alphabetical index of all people in the Notary acts.

Another Interesting type of research is doing research in digital libraries. It is possible to search 19th and 20th century newspapers or books by inserting a surname. The results might be very interesting!

The rate for one hour of research is 29 USD.